Joan Mellen Interviewed on Black Op Radio

Show #601

Original airdate: October 25th, 2012
Guests: Joan Mellen / Debra Conway
Topics: JFK Assassination Research

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  • Our Man In Haiti, Joan’s writing about Jim Garrison led to an interest in the CIA
  • CIA relationships in Texas, George de Mohrenschildt handled Oswald in Dallas
  • A CIA document which states that Clay Shaw was a contract employee of CIA
  • April, 1963, de Mohrenschildt was assigned to Clemard Joseph Charles in Haiti
  • In 1804, Haiti overthrew slavery, 200 years of U.S. explotation and intervention
  • Charles worked for Haitian ruler “Papa Doc” Duvalier, while trying to overthrow him
  • CIA was worried about de Mohrenschildt talking about what he knew
  • Hunt Oil security chief, Paul Rothermel, implicated the Hunts in the JFK assassination
  • The Zapruder film was not viewed by Hunt on the day of the assassination
  • de Mohrenschildt’s suspicious death was ruled a suicide
  • de Mohrenschildt was a man for sale, he worked for French intelligence in WWII
  • CIA man Jim Moore in Dallas, why was this sophisticated man cultivating Oswald?
  • He also handled Herbert Itkin, involved in plots to overthrow Duvalier
  • Papa Doc was the “not-Castro” in the Caribbean, hospitable to American capitalism
  • Relations to Haiti are a model for U.S. relations with other countries
  • Joan plans three books on the CIA and Texas; Haiti, Cuba, and Mac Wallace
  • de Mohrenschildt was a thoroughly awful man, some good people in the book
  • Joan found no direct involvement of de Mohrenschildt in the assassination
  • He never got paid by the government of Haiti, he came back broke
  • He was dangerous, he knew that CIA knew about Oswald in 1962
  • The CIA betrays people that contract with them, a dangerous business
  • A letter to CIA Director George Bush, Bush involved in CIA fronts in Haiti
  • de Mohrenschildt was attractive to women, he was not suicidal
  • Trineday publisher,, next book, The Great Game in Cuba
  • Mohamed Al-Fayed, Haiti, Lady Diana’s death
  • Next year, a reprint of A Farewell to Justice (2005), with a 134 page update